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How to make great lookin' routed rustic signs for yourself, family, or friends as a hobby. Click here!

More about what you will learn ...

1.) Just a very small space is all you need to start your business! No more boss ... no more commute. Just walk into your home workshop whenever you want, and start making money!

2.) Just a few bucks for materials and tools, and your signs (like mine) will sell for top dollar. It's custom work that requires a bit of skill (I'll show you how), and your customers will pay you very well to produce custom signs for them!

3.) I have dealers that sell my signs for me. Of course, you can do the legwork for yourself if you want to, and make a few dollars more for each sign. But it's your choice and I'll show you a truckload of ways to sell your signs and bring in the money! Truly, this is a business that pays the bills for me, and many others like me that have started routed sign businesses.

Now let me ask you this question. If you and I were to meet and sit down at a table over lunch, and I was able to reveal my over 38 years of experience to you that has allowed me and many others to break away from working for someone else and truly succeed in their own wood working business, would you listen?

I mean, think about it. No more working for someone else. Waking up when you feel like it. Taking the short walk to your home workshop in your "weekend clothes" a few hours of comfortable work and you get daily profits that will afford you the nice things in life. If this seems like a dream come true to you, then keep reading. Because instead of you flying out to Arizona to buy me lunch, I'm about to share with you everything I know to get your business up and running and you'll learn it all from the comfort of your home.

Here's the complete information about my set of 3 Video DVDs that'll teach you
everything you need to know to get started with your own wood sign business!

Sample Signs

You'll learn the easy way to make a beautiful wooden sign like those pictured above (more samples) and you'll also learn how to sell 'em even if you don't have any selling experience. With these 3 DVDs you'll get nearly 3 hours of instructions from my son Eric and I. We'll take you from the beginning to the end and show you step-by-step how to start, run, and profit from your own wood sign business.

How To Pick Out The Right Kind Of Wood. Some people make a huge mistake by selecting the wrong kind of board. But not you. I'll teach you what to look for when selecting a good sign board.

The Easy Way To Design Professional Quality Signs Step-by Step. You'll be taken through the creation process and know exactly how to start making these great signs for yourself, your friends, and most importantly, your paying customers.

The Simple Tools You'll Need. What to get, where to get them, and how to use them. It's all laid out for you. Very quickly you'll have everything you need to have your business stocked and ready to start making money.

Sure, after studying the DVD's and a little practice you're making some great signs, but you ask "How the heck do I start making money"?

On Video #3 you'll learn how and where to sell your signs. Proven places and ways to fetch quick sales from those that need and want your signs and are more than willing to pay good money for them.

How To Close Orders The Easy Way. I'll walk you through the methods we use to find customers and then show you how to have them place orders with you for your signs.

You'll learn step by step just how to design sign displays and to set up dealers to take sign orders for you. Nearly 3 hours of information that covers everything you need to get off to a fast start in your own sign business!

From start to finish, it's like we're sitting together and I'm personally helping you build your business. Over 38 years of sign making experience has taught me a lot, and now I want to teach it and share it with you.

You'll quickly learn how to make several different styles of signs and how to sell them to both businesses and consumers, either face to face or through dealer displays.

This is a business that can easily make you $40,000 ... $60,000 ... even $100,000 or more a year if you'll spend the time to learn what I have to teach and be willing to invest a little time and a few dollars to create and build your business.

You'll get this incredible NO COST bonus
when you order right away
"The Complete Source List Of Suppliers"!

This bonus is exactly what you need to get your business off the ground and running strong, but it's also something that I'm a little reluctant to share. Why?? Because it's a listing of ALL of the suppliers that we use. Everything that you need is included in the source list, plus the contact information so you can get in touch with them immediately and get everything you need to start, run and maintain your sign business.

I thought at first that I'd like to keep some of my business secrets and my list of suppliers with low prices is something that I thought about keeping secret. But I've decided that for those ordering right away, it's only fair to share this list of suppliers that has proved nearly priceless to me. So if you decide not to order right away, I'm making no guarantee that I'll continue to offer this source list as a bonus.

What you'll receive when you order my Business-In-A-Box is a set of 3 Video DVD's showing you exactly what you need to learn and how to learn it and teaching you what you'll need to know to enable you to start making and selling great wooden signs, along with my complete source list of suppliers ... all of this ... and in addition ... everything that I've learned in nearly 38 years of sign making experience that I've put on tape, and now on DVD's, for you to learn from and build into a $40,000 a year (or more) business.

So what is all of this worth to you? Remember, this is a chance at real freedom for you and your family. No more daily grind. You can work when you feel like it. And you can start to live a little more comfortably.

With the small investment of $65.80 you'll have all of the information and knowledge that you need to get started right away. PLUS the set of DVD's is backed by our 30 day unconditional money back guarantee! Eric and I are so confident that you'll be just as satisfied as hundreds of others who've bought the tape or DVD set, watched them, and started their own wooden sign business that we're willing to offer you the following guarantee:

Order right away and get the set of 3 DVD's and the "Source List" of our suppliers. Put it to the test for 30 days. Watch the DVD's over and over, learn from me as we start your sign making business. During this evaluation, you must agree that this program shows you everything that you need to know to make and sell great looking wood signs. If you don't agree for any reason, simply send them back and I'll refund your investment immediately.

How's that for a guarantee? You've got to be completely satisfied, or I'll refund your money. It's as simple as that!

Don't waste another day. Follow my lead and Learn How You Can Make $40,000 A Year (or more) With Your Own Wood Sign Business. Creating a product of your own and making money from doing it is one of the only ways to truly work for yourself.

The demand for sign makers, and the market for signs is simply HUGE! The pay is VERY good and the hours are GREAT! When you order right away you'll be sure to get my "Source List" as a no cost bonus plus our guarantee that you must be completely satisfied.


Complete set of (3) one hour videos

$59.30 + $6.50 s/h

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